Medieval Fears; witches and spirits

Folk religion; Witches, spirits and other Medieval Fears

Through all these years of research, and after walking so many times the same streets and squares, I have been wondering if all the marks and drawings that I have been discovering were mere decorations or there was another purpose on them.

Not so long ago, there were two religions that melted to the point that was difficult to distinguish which one was the official one and which one the pagan. Inhabitants of the area believed in God, also in the Devil. Using both tools will be double effective to protect against any kind of disasters and misfortunes?

Details and marks that can be found in Ireland in the shape of naked women (there is an interesting example in the Empordà area), in Finland where goat skulls were buried at the corner of the buildings or in Australia were people will protect their houses with worn shoes until the 30’s.
A research that lead me to offer a visit , with many of these details in the medieval town of Peratallada..

A tour that fits perfectly at dusk when darkness starts covering the town.






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