Spanish Civil War

Guided Tours / Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

The area of the Empordà became one of the key scenarios from the beginning of the War , due to its proximity to the French frontier .
The city of Figueres ended up being the second most bombed city in Catalonia .
To counter these attacks many aviation fields, like the one in Canet , were built in a short period all around the area.
Agullana near the frontier was known as the ‘little Madrid’ while the neighbouring village of La Vajol would hide most of the gold from the Bank of Spain .
Some villages like Llers or the fortress of Sant Ferran, in Figueres, were seriously damaged by the intentional explosions of the the ammunition stored inside of them..
Once the war was finished , a series of mausoleums were built around the area in memory of those who won the war , most of them, as the one at Can Tretze, completely abandoned .

– Figueres
– Agullana
– La Vajol
– Canet Republican Air Camp, 1938
– Llers
– Can Tretze

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