Romanesque Tours

Romanesque architecture is represented in many of the religious buildings in the little villages around the area , also in other civil buildings like the Castle-palace in La Bisbal d’Empordà .
Some ancient temples from the 9th C. are very well preserved , Sant Julià de Boada is a good example, and others which still preserve parts of the frescoes that decorated them in of Sant Esteve de Marenyà, Sant Miquel de Cruïlles or the later frescoes in Sant Pau de Fontclara .
Some temples such as San Juan de Bedenga are unique in their construction others perfectly combine two and up to three different architectural styles, and this is visible in the church of Sant Esteve de Canapost where its medieval necropolis can be also visited.
The list of churches is endless and it can be increased by others which although not situated in the Empordà area, are deeply historically related . Some ancient monasteries like Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines with its splendid collection of capitals , or the amazing frescoes in Saint-Martin-de-Fenollar .
Although the most exciting part is to be able to go inside a whole series of buildings that in most cases are closed to the public, here is part of the list as a reference .

– Sant Julià de Boada
– Sant Pau de Fontclara
– Sant Esteve de Peratallada
– Sant Esteve de Canapost
– Sant Pere d’Ullastret
– Sant Martí, Cassà de Pelràs
– Sant Genís de Casavells
– Castle-palace of La Bisbal
– Sant Tomas de Fluvià
– Saint-Martin-de-Fenollar
– Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines

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