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Peratallada, guided tour

Guided tour of Peratallada (Christmas Market) Guided tour through curiosities of the medieval town and some ancient Christmas traditions and including the visit of the parish church. Approximate tour lenght 1:30h Rate 10€ Sunday 12 th December 11:30h Limited places Only with prior reservation in It is recommended to book

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Witches, spirits and other Medieval Fears (night guided tour Peratallada)

During the nights of this winter we invite you to discover the fears that frightened our ancestors and that they outrun with rituals and marks that until not so long ago, were still part of day to day life of the living, and the dead. For adult audiences Places are limited Only with prior reservation to Tariff

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The Spanish Civil War in Figueres, 1936-1939, guided tour

Guided tour of the Spanish Civil War in Figueres, 1936-1939 The tour includes the visit of an air-raid shelter. Approximately lenght tour 2 limited places Only with reservation prior to Rate 10€ Pets are welcome. The visit could be cancelled if a minimum of reservations are not reached or for other reasons beyond its control. Upcoming dates

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Our trip to Catalonia was fantastic, and the 2 days spent with you were a major reason. You made history come alive - from the Middle Ages to more recent times - your depth of knowledge amazed us. We have learned so much and had fun doing it. Keith says that he has a whole new perspective on Dali (so do I), that would not have happened without you

Dali Museum

( Hedva Vienna - Teacher at the Epstein School (Sandy Springs) and cofounder of the Temple Beth Tikvah Marietta-Atlanta Georgia USA )

here are lynn and walter norris writing from Virginia to say we are home safe.......we loved our special Sainte Julia de Boada, clock tower, etc. tours with you and we feel we should have paid MUCH MORE.... we have, in the name of "pay it forward" been extremely nice to recent visitors to our little town and our museum. (Well, we always are, but even NICER because of your kindness.)

Romanesque Medieval Empordà Visit

( Lynn and Walter Norris, Virginia, USA )

Thanks again for an amazing job! Thank you also for having a drink with our group. I know that the guests really enjoyed your time and company. Please know that you are always welcome to join us for dinner or a drink! And please keep in touch. Hope to see you soon,


( Jonathan Hershberger - Trek Travel LLC )

On the 7 September we enjoyed a personalized tour with our guide Nik through the streets in Peratallada. • You can you imagine the excitement for us to be able to bring our relatives from other continents (Asia, Africa, North America) watching them enjoying the story, the sites, the architecture, and the atmosphere and little shops in Peratallada. Most worth the visit to the castle ..... Nik has revealed fascinating information that we didn't even expected. It was very nice and interesting. Thank you for all the advice and arrangements. Thanks to our friendly guide Nik that had us enthusiastic •, and also well entertained and informed in English. We are very satisfied!

Visit Peratallada

( Laurence Hubert and Martin Vidal Torroella )

...This recent trip, however, was with a guide who is well known in these parts as one of the best. Nik never fails to excite one's imagination and regale his audience with amusing anecdotes. Our visit to Peratallada was no exception... From Sally Veall's article "A witches’ brew"


( Sally Veall. Writer and country manager of at The Overseas Guides Company )

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